The Honey and The Nuts

It's been a tough time for our little friends the honeybees.  Rapid colony collapse, pesticides, parasites, and changing environmental conditions have led to a worldwide slowdown of honey production coupled with rising costs and the more and more prevalent counterfeit honey.  Happily, here on Kaua'i, our honeybee colonies are as strong as ever.  Isolated here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and far from any major sources of pollution or contamination, Hawaiian produced honey is only becoming more and more bountiful.

This is great news for us as a company and you as a customer.  We feature two delicious products that contain 100% Kaua'i honey.  Coconut Bliss Macadamias and Honey Coconut Pecans.  In our search for the right honey to support, we have sourced from our local community college's apiary program and bought honey in bulk from several different local sources.  It was a chance meeting at a children's birthday party that introduced our owner to exactly the right fit for our company.


McPhee's Bees Kauai Honey

We are proud to announce that we now partner exclusively with McPhees Bees.  Owner and bee guru, Manda McPhee, is one of only two female owned and operated apiaries here on Kauai.  Manda has a wonderful story of learning how to beekeep and finding it odd that there weren't more women interested in this trade.  After all, a bee colony is led by a Queen, and the matching dynamic seems very natural.  We love her story, her caring approach to her beekeeping, her dedication to keeping her harvests chemical free, and all the hard work she puts into every jar.  The added bonus of helping push forward female entrepreneurship also fills us with pride, as our owner's wife is also a small business owner herself.

In addition to the nuts we use it on, McPhees Bees honey is available at our retail locations in Old Koloa Town and Old Town Kapaa.  If you want to order it online, we implore you to go directly to the source and support another great Kaua'i based business.  While you're there, check out her story and please continue to support local, small business like ours!

 Local Honey